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Ecuador Endangered = Earth Endangered

Ecuador — the first country in the world to get the rights of Nature written into its legal constitution — was also the country where the worst rainforest oil spill in history took place. Now the government has designated 14% of the country for mining concessions in critical headwater ecosystems and indigenous territories. This is tantamount to war on the life support system of the country and the planet. So If you live in Ecuador and enjoy drinking water and breathing air, this petition could save your life.

Sounds familiar
Recently the Ecuadorian government announced a new wave of mining concessions opening up 14% of the country’s subsurface to exploration for metals like gold and copper. Read more about the current acceleration of mining activity in our summary report in cooperation with the Rainforest Information Centre.
History repeats
The opening of the country to industrial mining is only the latest chapter in Ecuador's long history of exploitation: Spanish Conquest and colonial rule, decimation of the indigenous population and bondage under the feudal hacienda system, destruction of Ecuador's coastal rainforests by logging and industrial agriculture, the petroleum boom and the severe pollution in the Ecuadorian Amazon known internationally in the Chevron-Texaco case, among others.
Surprise – extraction industries destroy ecosystems
And these protected forest reserves, the most biodiverse on the planet, being denied their protected status.
Not a good time to be indigenous right now
The Ecuadorian Amazon region is targeted for both petroleum and mining concessions. Read below about the Shuar and other indigenous peoples and rural communities impacted by these concessions.
Mining, bad. Not mining, good.
Extractive industries have dire, long-term ecological, social, and economic consequences. This is in contrast to the claims of mining companies and government officials that promise great rewards and minimal impacts. See here for a review of the documented effects of mining.
It’s only the future at stake
Climate chaos and our best science suggests we are headed toward systems collapse. Our only viable option is to rapidly implement alternatives that help heal – rather than destroy – our planet. Development of a regenerative economy based on biodiversity and renewable energy is now totally viable. So let's do this thing.
Take action
People of the world
Tell the government of Ecuador to prohibit mining in vital ecosystems.
Take action
Urge your government to prohibit mining in vital ecosystems.


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